Bella Sophia Chocolates

Valentine’s Day – Hearts & Bubbles

Win him/her/you over with the perfect Valentine’s Day duo –

Bella Sophia Chocolates ‘Hearts’ (4-piece) and your choice of 3 different rosé Champagnes.

Cupid has bestowed an unprecedented 5-Arrow rating upon these divine offerings.

Choose your ‘Hearts’ filling - either or both of the following luscious flavors –

  • Strawberry BonBon – Velvety smooth fraises des bois ganache
  • Dark Chocolate Truffle – Decadent dark chocolate ganache (gf/vegan)

If you choose both, your box will consist of 2 ‘Hearts’ of each.

**Bella Sophia Chocolates**

We are thrilled to introduce and announce our Valentine’s Day collaboration (and continuing partnership) with Bella Sophia Chocolates. These are luxury chocolates in every sense of the word.

Chocolatière, Stephanie Shafer, leaves nothing to chance. She purchases the raw cacao pods from South America, dries and roasts the nibs, mortar-and-pestle grinds the nibs and then hand-paints these gems of the chocolate world. The dark chocolate shells are 70% cocoa and are crafted from only cacao and artisan water (no added sugar!). Exquisitely pure and delicious pieces of art!

Please click here to view more chocolate craftmanship:

<3 Please place order before February 6, 2019 to ensure delivery by Valentine’s Day. <3

(Plant and wire basket not included.)

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