Atlanta food and wine festivalThe Atlanta Food and Wine Festival is on June 1-4, 2017, and if you’re a foodie, a wine connoisseur or an entrepreneur interested in the restaurant and hospitality business, then this is the perfect summer festival for you! Since 2010, the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival has been on a mission to put food and beverage traditions, ranging from Texas to D.C., on the map internationally. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate, preserve, promote, and showcase Southern cuisine and Southern chefs, all while highlighting the rich agriculture of the south and inspiring people to implement Southern dishes and traditions in their cooking and to explore the south. Those who attend the Festival can expect to taste the best of what the south has to offer, complete with connoisseur events, dinners prepared by celebrity chefs, tasting tents and much more.

What can you expect if you attend?


The “all-you-can-indulge” tasting experience at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival is unique in the sense that it allows guests to eat, drink, and explore the top food and wine products through an epicurean journey at tasting tents all weekend. The tasting tents are exclusive and unlike the typical sample-like tasting style of most festivals. Instead it is specifically designed to indulge and educate guests about the region’s top creations, while highlighting international influences that have been implemented in Southern cuisine. These tasting tents are open to all guests holding a day pass.


If you are looking to expand your knowledge and pick up new skills at the Festival, then you’ll be happy to hear that there are 10 cooking classes, 10 technique classes, 5 grilling classes, and 37 tasting seminars from which you can pick and choose to indulge in over the weekend. These classes and seminars were designed by the Advisory Council to educate and entertain guests. Classes range from 30-140 guests and feature cooking and cocktail demonstrations as well as pairing sessions and panel discussions.

Connoisseur Experience:

If you are interested in purchasing a Connoisseur pass, then the Connoisseur Lounge is the go-to place for you during the Festival. This elegant lounge offers daily breakfast by award-winning chefs to Festival Connoisseurs, sponsors, and Advisory Council members. It also hosts reserved cooking demonstrations, complete with food and beverage service during class intermissions.

The Connoisseur Tent is also open to those with a Connoisseur pass. Throughout the weekend, these guests will eat, drink, and rub elbows with award-winning chefs, bar keeps, and sommeliers.

The Atlanta Food and Wine Festival has teamed up with award-winning authors Matt Lee and Ted Lee, as well as author and sommelier, Jason Tesauro, to bring the Connoisseur Dinner Series. This series of exclusive dinners are designed to delve guests deeper into the philosophy of the Southern culture and culinary scene with up-close access to award-winning talents and cuisine. Tickets for these dinners are included with the Connoisseur passes or they may be purchased individually.

Entrepreneurs Program:

The Entrepreneurs Program at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival is the perfect event to attend if you are a Southern food and beverage entrepreneur looking for advice and insight from the south’s more successful concepts. For the fourth year in a row, the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival is teaming up with Craft Catalyst, LLC, an Atlanta-based agency that works with early-stage food and beverage to provide this program with valuable information about innovations, brand-building, and value creation.

Whether you are interested in going for fun or for business, the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival is an ideal opportunity to expand your knowledge of the Southern cuisine and learn more about wine. For more information about the event and tickets, you can visit their website. Until then, be sure to indulge yourself in the wide variety of wines at in preparation for the festival!